Cooking Classes

Food education from an early age can assist children to develop awareness and knowledge of the basics of food preparation and nutrition to help set them up for a healthy, active lifestyle. Our cooking classes are a great complement to the garden classes offered to children as part of our Playground to Plate® Food Garden program.

Children at childcare engaging in interactive cooking classes

We believe that interactive cooking classes can empower our children to understand more about healthy choices and nutritional concepts so that they are able to learn and autonomously make better food choices. The group nature of our cooking classes also means that our children are building their skills around teamwork and cooperation, which can prepare them for their transition to school.

Foundation concepts that will be incorporated into the lessons include hygiene, kitchen basics, food equipment and utensil familiarisation and food and nutrition basics. The children will then also be offered a variety of hands-on experiences, like choosing & measuring ingredients, preparing ingredients and together with the guidance of Chef David, making Australian and International classics, doughs, batters and will also engage in degustation and sensory food experiences.

Our lesson planning is guided by the following resources:

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