Centre food menu

Our delicious and nutritious menu makes meal times at Fitzroy Early Learning Centre special.

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Not only are they essential in nourishing little bodies, but meal times provide invaluable opportunities to offer rich social experiences as we sit to eat together, discuss the day’s events or the food before us. We offer meals progressively throughout the day so that children can eat when they are hungry and when it is appropriate for their individual needs.

We offer breakfast for our early risers, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks and water throughout the day. All meals are prepared on the premises by our qualified chefs, Fausto & David and they use fresh ingredients sourced locally wherever possible, including from our very own Playground to Plate® Food Garden. David & Fausto bake fresh bread for the centre every morning and do not use refined sugar in the preparation of children’s meals.

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We are experienced at working with families and children who have various dietary requirements such as intolerances, allergies and anaphylaxis and treat this very seriously. We do not allow any foods to be brought into the centre for this very reason, and will work closely with you to ensure that your child’s dietary needs are looked after carefully and respectfully.

Our approach to creating healthy, nutritious meals for our children is guided by the following resources:

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